On My Wish List: Lily Lolo Filthy Rich Eyeshadow Palette

Lily Lolo's new Filthy Rich eyeshadow palette - just in time for fall
Lily Lolo’s new Filthy Rich eyeshadow palette – just in time for fall

As far as non-toxic eyeshadows go, many people immediately think of colored powders in tiny jars and a bit of a mess as far as application goes. Although I do like the eyeshadow samples I’ve received from Pure Anada and Silk Naturals, I not-so-secretly prefer the ease and convenience of pressed. (On a side note, Pure Anada does offer pressed shades you can customize into your own palette, and Silk Naturals offers a pressing kit which is not for the faint-hearted.)

However, pressed natural, non-toxic eyeshadows are not as ubiquitous as non-toxic lipstick, and if you do happen to find them, many times prohibitively expensive (ahem, Kjaer Weiss), especially for a mother of three ready for a steady writing job.

After some research, you can imagine my joy when I discovered Lily Lolo’s eyeshadow palettes! Lily Lolo is a natural and non-toxic cosmetics company based in the UK.  I’ve been eyeing Laid Bare and Smoke & Mirrors since spring. At $34 for 8 little shadows, they’re a bargain, especially when you consider the quality of the ingredients. From the description:

“Organic botanicals, Pomegranate oil acts as an anti-oxidant while Manuka oil is anti-bacterial.  Silky and creamy consistency   Oil free, Non-drying, comfortable formula suitable for all skin types.  Non-comedogenic, allows skin to breathe easily.   Winner of the Green Beauty Bible Award.  Does not contain chemicals, bismuth, talc, or dyes (FD&C, Lake).   Vegan Friendly.  GMO-Free.  Gluten Free. Organic.  Preservative Free.  Fragrance Free.  8g”

This is quality stuff, gals.  I was game, but I couldn’t decide which palette to choose. I contacted Lily Lolo and I received a quick response.  Happily, the company was coming out with new palettes for the holidays.

Luckily, fall 2016 is here, and Lily Lolo features a brand new palette: Filthy Rich.  Oh my shadows, this palette is just what autumn ordered. Aptly named, it contains rich bronze, copper, sumptuous chocolate, and gold.

Compact enough to stick in your purse
Compact enough to stick in your purse

These colors are beautiful and versatile. I find this comparable to Laid Bare, only better for me, as my skin is medium-deep tan. I can see pulling these off for daytime as well as glamming it up for those fall and winter parties.  Some reviews claim these eyeshadows are not extremely pigmented, but Lily Lolo offers an eyelid primer to increase both wear time and depth of color.

Check out the swatches on a fair hand – gorgeous, no?

Lily Lolo Filthy Rich eyeshadow swatches
Lily Lolo Filthy Rich eyeshadow swatches


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