Review & Swatches: Lily Lolo Filthy Rich Palette

Lily Lolo Filthy Rich Palette (Image courtesy of

My husband got me Lily Lolo’s Filthy Rich palette as a gift a few months back. He knew I had my eye on it for weeks, and he followed my links – I’d texted him previously – and purchased it at Petal & Post.

I chose the Filthy Rich palette because of the colors! I mean, look at these colors! Eight pretty fall colors –  silvery white, ivory, rich gold, copper, khaki, bronze, and mauve brown. A dark chocolate brown at the right before last completes smoky eye looks, shades dramatic creases, can be used with a small, thin brush for lining the eyes as well. Just think of the permutations of looks you can create with the Lily Lolo Filthy Rich palette. So many possibilities.

My skin is tan and I was afraid the Laid Bare palette wasn’t going to show up on me. I believe I was right, because the Filthy Rich shades, as colorful as they appear in their pans, show up like more natural shades on me – the way Laid Bare would probably look on paler skin.

Tiny, but mighty – easy to drop in my purse, and I may actually use up all my eye shadows!

As you can see for scale, I’m holding the palette between thumb and forefinger. I’ve always felt I wasted eye shadows before, and with this little palette I won’t feel wasteful and be able to actually finish all the eye shadows.

Treasure: Lily Lolo Filthy Rich Eye Palette in its natural element

Lauded for its mascara around the world, Lily Lolo is a mineral cosmetics company based in the UK known for its commitment to clean and cruelty-free ingredients. Aside from having earned the BUAV – better known as the Leaping Bunny – approval, Lily Lolo has a list of noxious ingredients it does not include in its line. Lily Lolo’s line is:

  • free of parabens
  • free of fragrances
  • free from harsh chemicals
  • free of bismuth
  • 90% vegan (10% includes carmine, lanolin and/or beeswax)
  • GMO free
  • free of fillers
Indoors, from left to right: Starry Eyed, Ivory Tower, Gold Rush, Ginger Nut, Ivy League, Brassed Off, I Should Cocoa, Truffle Shuffle

The shades have neat names as well – from right to left, from lighter to darker shades:

  1. Starry Eyed – satin, silvery white
  2. Ivory Tower – demi-matte, ivory
  3. Gold Rush – shimmer, bright gold
  4. Ginger Nut – shimmer, light copper
  5. Ivy League – shimmer, golden khaki
  6. Brassed Off – shimmer, browny bronze
  7. I Should Cocoa – matte, rich chocolate brown
  8. Truffle Shuffle – demi-matte, mauve brown
Outdoors, on a typical sunny day, from left to right: Starry Eyed, Ivory Tower, Gold Rush, Ginger Nut, Ivy League, Brassed Off, I Should Cocoa, Truffle Shuffle
Sleek and chic packaging – black with Lily Lolo’s name and clover-like logo
From left to right: Starry Eyed, Ivory Tower, Gold Rush, Ginger Nut, Ivy League, Brassed Off, I Should Cocoa, Truffle Shuffle

I wear Filthy Rich to work. I like to alternate between the shimmer and matte shades. Before I begin applying my makeup, if I want the colors to pop a bit more, I use Lily Lolo’s Prime Focus Eyelid Primer.

As you can see on the photo above, Gold Rush appears more faintly on my arm, but with the primer and a few layers, I achieve a nice golden shimmer on my lids for special occasions. On regular days I just apply once or twice for pop of gold shimmer for an everyday look.

The first two shades I use as a highlighter on the brow bone or alone on the whole eyelid for a quick awake look. On some days, I also apply these close to my tear ducts.

Then I put either one or two of the middle four shades on the lid and the last two shades in the crease. I already own a nice eyeliner from 100% Pure I really like, so I don’t use the last two as eyeliner, but I could. In fact, I could use all the shades as eye liners. Writing this makes me want to try.

The Filthy Rich palette includes a double-edged sponge tip black applicator, but I prefer to use my own brushes.

I’m grateful Lily Lolo provides pressed eye shadows. Pressed eye shadows are not common in the green/non-toxic beauty world. They are hard to find, and if you happen to come across one, very highly priced. One of my favorite things about Lily Lolo is also its affordability. The Filthy Rich palette, with its eight shades, costs $34 on the Lily Lolo US site.

However, I was able to find it on Petal & Post at $36.20 Canadian Dollars (CAD), which translates into $28.87 US dollars. Petal & Post also offers 10% off when you sign up for its newsletter and free shipping on orders over $75.

Although other of the flashy popular eye shadow palettes by NARS, Anastasia and MAC may have deeper pigments and ultra shine as per other reviews I’ve read, I’d choose Lily Lolo’s palette over the latter brands any day as it provides me with natural-looking, non-toxic eye makeup which lasts with deeper colors all day with the primer, and provides a more muted look without.

I like the Filthy Rich palette as it’s equally at home in the boardroom as at a nighttime gala. As it includes both shimmer and matte shades, I’m able to create multiple looks which look well with my tan skin, very dark hair and eyes.

My husband bought the Lily Lolo palette with his (our) own money and we weren’t compensated in any way. This review is independent and I’m not affiliated with the Lily Lolo brand.