What I’m Lusting After: August 2017 Edition

Would you believe summer is almost over? Not in the seasonal sense, because the heat down here is going to punish us for another few months – sigh. However, our local public school’s starting in a little more than a week.

Of course, in addition to caring for my household and family, I’ve been thinking of adding some beauty products for this fall – my favorite season ever. I also adore fall colors! Without further ado, here are the natural beauty products I’m lusting after, in August:

Elusive by Axiology – described as a burgundy-drenched tone, it looks amazing on many skin tones. $30 a pop – curious on how it applies from the gorgeous tube.
Infinite by Axiology – a rich mulberry stain with a dark violet base, with hints of black and brown – how can I resist?
Bam Vegan Lipstick by Silk Naturals – perfect for Halloween, and beyond. Described on its site as rich, creamy, pigmented black lipstick. Bam!
Notion by Silk Naturals – a deep warm peach – I’ve never owned a shade like this, especially as on its site, SN claims this doesn’t turn orange – consider me intrigued.
90s by Silk Naturals. A Velvet Matte Lipstick too, it may just become my favorite brown nude. Having been a teen throughout the nineties, I feel the nostalgia as well.


Strawberry Blond by Silk Naturals. This medium peachy shade with golden highlights is just what I need to complete my eye shadow lid collection. At only $4.50 for a 3/4 teaspoon in a 5-gram sifter, I’ll be set for a good, long while.


Antidote by Silk Naturals – a beautiful, nearly brown burgundy red. Just what I needed to complement the rest of my eye shadows.

And that was all, folks. Let me know in the comments which one you like the most.