On My Son Turning Thirteen: A Note

Son, I’ll keep this brief as I know though you like to read very much, you vastly prefer tales of dragons and adventure, and I’m afraid what I have to say won’t be as exciting – but just barely.

You see, you are turning 13, and although I can blink and see you as a toddler with hand dimples instead of knuckles firmly grasping a Little People figure, you are transitioning into a (very) young man right before my eyes.

Although thirteen can be and is a wonderful age, it can also be a bit heavy. The weight of thirteen shouldn’t just be yours to bear. Know your mother and father are here not just as parents and not merely friends but confidantes and coaches to support you through this sometimes baffling stage named adolescence. Don’t be afraid, be not ashamed, but be assured that, for millennia, these changes have been happening to millions and millions (and millions) of people. You are not alone. Whether you like it or not, you are.. not alone. In fact, we have braved these changes ourselves and son, all the adults you see have experienced these changes themselves.

Let the inside changes always command your attention more than the outside. Watch your thoughts, guard your affections, your attention. Hold fast to your values as you explore other points of view. Grow upwards, but maintain roots deep into the soil you were born into. This is where your character is nurtured and where you cut off the parts which are no longer desired and no longer needed. Let this sacred gardening be your main purpose as you mature and become the human being God intends you to be.

Happy Birthday, B. Mama loves you so very much.


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