Hurricane Harvey and the Spirit of Helpful Kindness

After Hurricane Harvey devastated the little town of Rockport, the nightmare had just begun for Houston, TX. It kept raining, and raining, and raining for days. Harvey was the cause of more than 50 inches of rain over Houston – to put this into perspective, Houston on average gets 50 inches a year. The massive downpours caused unparalleled damage to cars, houses, and millions of people were affected. The death toll stands at 50, according to The New York Post today, Sunday, September 3, 2017.

Credit: ABC News

My cousin lives in Houston, and she told me she and her family have been luckier than most. They had no electricity for five days, and no water for a few days, but otherwise, they are fine. They are alive, and they are safe.

My heart goes out to those people and animals affected by the floods in Houston, as well as in Southeast Asia. Rising waters have forced people to evacuate, some people drowning in the process. Some have drowned in their cars, and others were swept away under canals and in ditches.

I am heartened by the response from the people Fred Rogers’ mom famously called “the helpers”, the countless volunteers, emergency responders, nurses, doctors, police officers, firefighters, and civilians who have stepped up and helped others.

People who show helpful kindness are like diamonds in a heap of coals. They have us in awe, inspire us, and reinforce our faith in humanity. Thank God for the helpers. Thank you, helpers. We need you. We need to be you.

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