Analyze My DNA, Please: DNA Kit


What’s my background? Analyze my DNA, please. As a person of a veritable cornucopia of mixed ancestry and a family history with sketchy records, I’m really curious about my heritage and what ingredients make up me. I’d seen results telling people percentages of heritages all across the world, and I wanted in. I’m also curious if my background includes every single major race out there.

I had registered with years ago, but only managed to turn up a few records as most of my family’s archives are from another country and at a time and place when officials kept sloppy records.

Coming back years later, I see has more capabilities and a much wider international reach. I had decided a few years ago I’d have to check my DNA. The process was simple – I went on the site, logged in, clicked on a few buttons, and ordered the $99 DNA kit. When you order the kit, you also get a discount on the general website. International costs quite a bit more and right now, unfortunately, I don’t have much time to dedicate to unearthing my complete family tree, so I opted out.


The DNA kit got here fast – in just over a week, I received the package. Inside, there’s a collection bag, a small test tube, and instructions. It was exciting to open it!


The instructions boil down to this:

  1. Register your number on so it knows your identity when you send in the DNA kit. You’d have to register with the site if you haven’t created an account yet.
  2. Do not eat for 30 minutes before you begin collecting your DNA sample.
  3. Produce plenty of spit (I mean it) to fill up to the black line on the test tube.
  4. Shake the test tube to release the blue liquid encased on the top of the tube into your sample, which will preserve your DNA’s integrity.
  5. Insert tube in collection bag.
  6. Insert collection bag in included mailing box.
  7. Mail box back to
Can you see the tube? Now my saliva looks a bit blue because of the solution


I’m supposed to get my results in 6-8 weeks. On August 15, I received an e-mail from Ancestry telling me the company had received my sample and encouraged me to add branches to my family tree.


It’s all in the bag: DNA all set and mixed up with solution to preserve it


Yesterday, August 31st, I received an update saying Ancestry is busy running my DNA through the lab. It also provided a link where I could log in and check on my progress. There I see the lab has been processing my DNA since yesterday. There are tabs indicating: Activated – Arrived – Processing – Done. Only the last tab is unmarked, so all I have to do is wait. While I wait, there’s another link that takes me to a video which shows you what’s happening to your DNA as you wait.



Processing DNA



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