Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation Samples Are In!

The Opening Ritual

Few things are as electric to me as receiving a package in the mail with samples. It’s like Christmas in August! I ordered Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation samples a few days ago – they came in quickly, and I’m pleased as a peach. As soon as I’m safely in my locked bedroom inner sanctum away from the kids and the noise, I open up these beauties. I like the packaging already – neat and cute, with the a-P distinctive of Alima Pure:


Here they are outside the packaging:

DSC01019  DSC01021

Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation Find Your Match

Pretty, aren’t they? Alima Pure has a vast array of Satin Matte Foundation shades, 45 to be exact! How to choose? The site is easy to navigate and Alima Pure has a couple of choices. You can order a special 10-shade set which the company has procured for you for $24 when you click “Find Your Match” – below. You choose from the sets, which are numbered 1 through 8. When you order a set you get a kabuki brush and $10 off on your full-sized Satin Matte Foundation when you have determined which shade is your match. 

Find Your Match


 DSC01023  DSC01025

How I’m Going to Find My Match

Alima Pure also sells individual samples for $1.75 each. Since each full-sized satin matte foundation is $28 and I was already close in determining my shade, I chose the latter option. I took my time picking out the right shades. I have medium-deep olive/neutral tan skin which means it can be tricky to find the right foundation. I am from very mixed ancestry, which I’m exploring. Ultimately, I selected six shades:

Beige 5, Beige 6, Neutral 6, Neutral 7, Olive 2, and Olive 3

The other reason I didn’t go with the $24 offer was that curiously, all of these I had selected were not included in one 10-sample Alima Pure curated set. For instance, with my complexion, I would have picked either Set 5 or 6. These are what is included in each set:

Set 5:  Cool 5, Cool 6, Neutral 4, Neutral 5, Beige 5, Beige 6, Warm 5, Warm 6, Olive 3, Olive 4

Set 6:  Cool 6, Cool 7, Neutral 5, Neutral 6, Beige 6, Beige 7, Warm 6, Warm 7, Olive 4, Olive 5

I know I’m not of a cool undertone, so the two cools would have been wasted on me. I’m not warm either, as warm in other foundations I’ve tried tend to look orange on me. I’m either neutral, olive, or beige. I selected beige if neutral or olive wouldn’t work out. It’s sort of my backup plan.

Since last week Alima Pure had a sale coupon, I used this to get 10% off on my sample order, which brought my own carefully selected six-shade set to $9.45.

Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation Samples

Trying Out The Mineral Powder Foundation

I can’t wait to try all of them out. So far I’ve already tried Beige 5, which has lasted all day and miracle of miracles, my face has not shone all day! I’m usually slick as an oil well by midday, but so far, so good. Must be the kaolin in it. My skin looks polished and sophisticated. I didn’t even use finishing powder as I wanted to test the actual foundation’s staying power.

The samples are cute and generous, and if I have to guess, I could use each sample at least 5 times.

Beige 5 Shade

As far as color is concerned, I feel I can find a better shade as it looks as if it’s slightly off in color, but it remains to be seen when I compare it to the other shades. The change I saw while putting it on was ever-so-slight, but I’ve been squinting my eyes to really see which foundation will be my perfect match. To offer a comparison, I’ve been using Pure Anada’s Niagara Fawn shade, but I feel my shade is closer to something between Pacific Tan and Niagara Fawn, if this only existed in pressed form.  The closest match to date has been Pure Anada’s Medium Pressed Sheer Matte Foundation.

Why Alima Pure?

In my quest to only use non-toxic and truly natural products, I’ve narrowed down a set of ingredients which I avoid. Alima Pure has none of those, and I’m happy to see it uses only high-quality ingredients.

Conclusion of First Look at Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation

Anything with matte in a foundation’s title is going to get my attention. I appreciate Alima Pure’s choice of 45 shades as women of mixed ethnicities (as I am) most often have a hard time finding the right shade.

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